Removing weeds

Removing pesky weeds from the courtyard driveway, stone paths, patio or lawn is a time-consuming chore for any garden owner. And often the wild growth is back after just a few weeks. A wide range of GLORIA devices provide a convenient remedy.

Effective weed control

Weed control is an issue that affects all gardeners but the way it is handled could not be more different. Using chemicals often seems to be the easiest solution, but it is not always allowed on paved outdoor areas. 

Thermal weed control offers a practical and environmentally friendly alternative that completely dispenses with the use of chemical agents. The weeds are treated by means of a hot heat jet of up to 650 °C or a gas flame of up to 1,200 °C.

Another method is the mechanical control of weeds. With the cordless and electric brushes of the BrushSystem product line, GLORIA provides you with four innovative products from the field of mechanical surface and joint cleaning in the fight against troublesome weeds. The WeedBrush and WeedBrush li-on weed joint brushes and the MultiBrush li-on PLUS and MultiBrush speedcontrol PLUS multifunctional brushes with integrated changeable attachment offer a comprehensive range of gardening aids.

The MultiBrush devices are also very useful for removing weeds in lawns. Because as soon as weeds are visible on lawns, they should be dealt with quickly before they proliferate uncontrollably.  The GLORIA lawn aerator roller and scarifying roller are the ideal helpers to effectively remove moss and wild growth from the lawn. 

Spraying of special weed removers is only permitted with approved and ready-to-use acetic acid solutions and herbicides. The GLORIA Hobby 125 PLUS hand sprayer and the prima 5 PLUS pressure sprayer are equipped with acid-resistant seals and are ideally suited for this purpose. 

No weeds in the entire garden
GLORIA even offers a convenient alternative to the annoying manual weeding of flower beds. The Gardenboy PLUS loosens the soil with its steel tines while the user is standing and removes the weeds together with their roots. Then you just pick up the plants and your`re done!