Thermoflamm bio

Thermal weed control with the Thermoflamm bio flame rods and electrical devices offers an ecological alternative to chemical herbicides when tackling annoying rank growth around the house.

Natural weed removal without chemicals

The Thermoflamm bio range consists of five different weed burners which comfortably and effectively removes weeds. The devices are suitable for many applications, especially in hard-to-reach areas such as outdoor staircases or on terraces. The models Classic PLUS and Comfort PLUS come with an automatic ignition mechanism for a safe handling. The gas-powered devices are complemented by the Thermoflamm bio Professional PLUS, which is the ideal choice for large areas and professional use. 

The Thermoflamm bio Electro removes weeds with a heat ray of up to 650 °C instead of a gas flame. The device does its work with an economical 2,000 watt electrical operation. A cone nozzle shields the heat ray from the outside and concentrates the hot air completely on the weeds. This saves time and energy when weeding or removing moss and relieves the environment.

The Thermoflamm bio Fix is equipped with a heating spiral up to 850° C - a fast work progress is guaranteed thanks to the 150 cm² radiation surface and a direct contact to the plant.

The Thermoflamm bio devices are slowly passed over the weeds at a distance of approx. 3 cm. The escaping heat penetrates deeply into the roots and causes the fluid in the plant cells to coagulate. The expansion of the cell fluid bursts the cell walls. Directly after the treatment the plant may still look unharmed, but it will dry out completely on its own within a few days. This does not only have a short-term effect, it ensures that weeds are removed on a long-term basis. Therefore, even persistent plants can be treated effectively. 

Practical additional benefit - the Thermoflamm bio devices are also ideally suited for igniting firewood and charcoal.


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