Brushing to get rid of weeds

Effectively remove weeds and green cover from all stone and wooden surfaces, in joints and from the lawn with the cordless and electric brushes from GLORIA.

Weed control and surface cleaning

With the BrushSystem product range, GLORIA provides you with four surface and joint brushes with numerous equipment options in the fight against weeds and dirt: the WeedBrush and WeedBrush li-on joint brushes with electric or cordless operation, as well as the two multifunctional devices MultiBrush speedcontrol PLUS and MultiBrush li-on PLUS, also in the electric and cordless version. 

The two MultiBrush devices are true multi-talents. Within a short time, different attachments can be mounted without any tools. With the joint brushes, you can free even the smallest groove of your courtyard driveway from annoying wild growth and with the surface brushes for stone and wood, moss and green build up can also be removed completely here. Even in the lawn, unwanted weeds have to give way thanks to the scarifying and aerating roller. An adjustable speed control provides additional flexibility. You can use the same tool to powerfully remove green from stone surfaces and particularly gently remove green build up from sensitive wooden decking boards.

The specialists for joint cleaning are the two WeedBrush units. Thanks to a powerful torque of 1,800 rpms, the ideal aids for freeing joints from weeds and dirt. In no time at all, the otherwise strenuous manual work is done comfortably and is even back-friendly while standing. The weed joint brush is available as a flexible cordless version and, like the MultiBrush li-on, is compatible with all BOSCH 18V POWER FOR ALL rechargeable battery packs.

The Gardenboy PLUS also puts an end to weeds in beds and kitchen gardens. The oscillating movements of the steel tines of the soil cultivator remove weeds along with their stems and roots, thus preventing their rapid regrowth. At the same time, the soil is loosened for fresh sowing.

Technical details