Car, bike etc.

Intensive foam cleaning for your car, cleaning insect residues from your motorbike after a ride or removing dirt from your mountain bike after a tour in the mountains - all no problem with the GLORIA MultiJet.

The cleaning professionals!

High-performance spraying systems

Do you need a helping hand after a mountain bike tour in the mountains, a joyride with the motorbike or a short trip with the boat, that really cleans up? Then the MultiJet battery-powered units are just right. The MultiJet 18V and MultiJet 36V mobile high-performance spraying systems with 18V and 36V battery power respectively are equipped with a 4-in-1 multi-function nozzle and draw liquid from any source. Whether a lake, bucket, canister or tap, simply click on the hose and off you go. Practical: an optionally available foam attachment converts detergent into cleaning foam - ideal for thoroughly cleaning your vehicle or bike.

Would you like even more power? Then the MultiJet 230V is right for you. With a maximum operating pressure of up to 120 bar, even the most stubborn dirt will give way when using the electric high-pressure cleaner. Of course, the foam set is also compatible with the 230V version.

Foam sprayer from 1.5 - 5 L

The GLORIA foam sprayers transform cleaning agents into effective cleaning foam, which can be optimally distributed over the entire stone surface to be cleaned during spraying. The foam can act intensively and achieve a thorough cleaning effect. Cleaning foam is economical to use and ensures a significantly lower use of resources. The degree of foaming can be variably adjusted in three stages on all sprayers by means of a plastic nozzle with interchangeable inserts. This way, cleansing foam is created according to your wishes and needs - from light to standing firm. Depending on the setting, the foam adheres to the surface for up to five minutes, can work intensively and achieve an even more thorough cleaning effect.

The all-purpose weapon among the cleaning agents is GLORIA TOP FOAM. The car shampoo is ideally suited for all surfaces. Glass, paint, plastic and more are cleaned without any problems. Even stubborn insect remains will give way.