Pressure sprayers

The GLORIA high-performance sprayers made of robust steel or stainless steel offer a wide range of equipment features and helpful detailed solutions. Depending on the capacity, the 5 or 10 litre models offer maximum quality, safety and comfort for every application.

Flexibility & variety of equipment

The high-performance sprayers of the GLORIA Profiline that are made of robust steel (405 and 410 series) convince by their equipment and their range of applications. For example, most of the devices are equipped with FKM seals, which have high thermal and chemical resistance. Thus the units can withstand oil-containing and aggressive spray media and extreme temperature influences.

To protect the container material against corrosion, the steel sprayers are equipped with a high-quality internal plastic coating. This prevents contact of aggressive spray media with the container and simplifies the cleaning process.

The Profiline high-performance sprayers made of stainless steel (505 and 510 series) are the perfect assistants for the application of mould oil, for cleaning work, pest control or disinfection thanks to their corrosion resistance and durability.

The 505 TK and 510 TK devices, which are equipped with an additional compressor connection valve, are ideally suited for long working intervals without manual pumping.

Of course, all Profiline high-performance sprayers made of steel and stainless steel are TÜV- and GS-tested, a proof of safety in operation and permanent usability.


Building construction

Sprayers for the application of formwork oil and construction chemicals

Building construction


Sprayers for industrial and trade applications



Sprayers for professional cleaning


Car-/Machine care

Sprayers for cleaning cars and machines

Car-/­Machine care


Sprayers to control pests and epidemics


Agriculture & forestry

Sprayers to control pests and epidemics

Agriculture and forestry