Road and railway construction

High-performance sprayers that meet the high demands of road construction, railway construction, asphalt construction or paving work.

With GLORIA it goes like clockwork!

Work in road construction requires robust tools that work reliably. An important tool on all construction sites: GLORIA high-performance sprayers used in the application of construction chemicals and formwork oils.

The sealing of joints in concrete and asphalt, the sealing of cracks or the impregnation and coating of concrete surfaces and concrete repairs of all kinds are just a few work examples for a GLORIA sprayer. 

Also railways and switches have to be maintained and treated regularly due to weather conditions and wear in order to ensure smooth rail traffic. GLORIA Profiline sprayers also offer the necessary flexibility and equipment for these activities and are the ideal assistants for work in rail construction.

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Building construction

Sprayers for the application of formwork oil and construction chemicals

Building construction


Sprayers for industrial and trade applications



Sprayers for professional cleaning


Car-/Machine care

Sprayers for cleaning cars and machines

Car-/­Machine care


Sprayers to control pests and epidemics


Agriculture & forestry

Sprayers to control pests and epidemics

Agriculture and forestry
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