Cleaning wooden terraces

Gentle patio cleaning with the GLORIA MultiBrush units. The ideal way to clean wooden floors regularly - water-saving and effective.

Keeping the wooden terrace in good condition for a long time

Compared to stone or concrete, outdoor wooden floors react more sensitively to weather influences. Heat and cold strain the material, cause it to grey and can damage it in the long term. High humidity also often makes the wood slippery. For a long life of the planks, it is advisable to clean and treat the wooden terrace regularly.

High pressure cleaner vs. surface brush

The use of a high-pressure cleaner is not suitable for all types of wood. For softer woods such as larch or Douglas fir, it is generally recommended not to use this method, as the water pressure can damage the surface of the decking. 

Specially designed for wood cleaning, the MultiBrush surface brushes, in combination with the UNIVERSAL wood brush, clean wooden decking right into every gap. Confirmed by the Institute for Wood Technology Dresden (IHD), which came to a clear conclusion in a test: the treatment of a wooden floor with the GLORIA surface brushes is very even and effective thanks to the brush width and the special brush profile. Furthermore, cleaning with the MultiBrush is much more gentle than with conventional high-pressure cleaners for the sometimes highly sensitive wood material.

An effective combination

Before using the MultiBrush, apply the GLORIA wood/WPC special cleaning agent with a foam sprayer. The sprayer produces an effective foam that is easy to distribute on the surface. The foam can work intensively and achieve an even more thorough cleaning effect. 

Water-saving cleaning

Thanks to the MultiBrush PLUS brushes, the precious water can be used efficiently, especially in the hot and dry summer, and consumption is significantly minimised. The wooden terrace only needs to be lightly moistened with water or foam before cleaning. This not only protects the material, but also allows the MultiBrush to work optimally. Compared to other decking brushes, it can manage perfectly well without a constant supply of water. After the work, rinse away the loosened dirt with a watering can, for example. That's it!