MultiJet System

Cleaning, watering, foaming, spraying and brushing - all with a single unit! From 24.9 to 120 bar maximum pressure, GLORIA high-performance spray systems are ideal for use around the house and on the go.

Everybody needs one!

The garden furniture is dirty, your car is in urgent need of a wash, your mountain bike is filthy after the tour in the mountains and the plants in your home garden are in urgent need of a little care. That sounds like a lot of work and a lot of equipment. With GLORIA, however, all this can be achieved with a single unit: MULTIJET - BECAUSE EVERYBODY NEEDS ONE!

Cleaning - Watering - Foaming - Spraying - Brushing

The three MultiJet high-performance spraying systems can clean, foam, brush, water and are also suitable for applying plant protection products. And all this without a water connection. The products draw fluid from any source, whether that's the water supply in your garden, the pool or on the go in the nearest lake or bucket. Even a commercially available PET bottle can be clicked on (MultiJet 18V), for quick cleaning when things have to go fast.

You have the choice between two handy cordless units (MultiJet 18V and 36V) and an electric version (MultiJet 230V), depending on your needs. Depending on the model, the devices work with a maximum operating pressure of 24.9 – 120 bar, which can be adjusted in three stages, so that you can remove dirt powerfully as well as apply plant protection products with a single unit. The numerous accessories naturally fit all three units.

MultiJet 18V - BOSCH Rechargeable Battery Power

The MultiJet 18V is compatible with every BOSCH 18V POWER FOR ALL rechargeable battery and cleans sometimes gently and sometimes powerfully thanks to the 4-in-1 multifunction nozzle and adjustable operating pressure (2.5 - 24.9 bar). The unit draws liquid from any source. This makes the MultiJet 18V the ideal companion not only for use around the house and in the garden, but also for your next mountain bike tour or when camping, and it can be used wonderfully to briefly spray down your bike, camping trailer or whatever you need. Practical accessories also let the MultiJet 18V spray foam, brush or apply plant protection products. Learn more about the MultiJet 18V on the product page.

MultiJet 36V - Can there be more?

With up to 70 bar maximum pumping power and three pressure levels (SPRAY, ECO, CLEAN), the MultiJet 36V cleans, foams and sprays. An integrated 36V / 4.0 Ah rechargeable battery provides sufficient runtime (18 min CLEAN stage, 75 min SPRAY stage). The handy size makes this lightweight the ideal aid for cleaning around the house, plant care in the garden or after a bike ride or washing the car: Put the intake hose in a bucket, lake or onto the tap, select the pressure level and off you go.

MultiJet 230V - With high pressure!

The MultiJet 230V really puts the pressure on. With a max. pumping power of 120 bar, even the most stubborn dirt around the house will give way. The electric high-pressure cleaner (motor 230 V, power 1,500 watts) impresses with numerous features. An variable pressure regulator (SPRAY, ECO, CLEAN) and a 4-in-1 multifunction nozzle + shower attachment make this unit maximally flexible. All accessory options can also be used for the 230 V unit. The high-pressure cleaner can also be used to foam or apply plant protection products.

Multifunctional & Flexible

Numerous accessories turn the high-performance spray systems into flexible multi-talents at home and on the go: from the application of plant protection products to mechanical cleaning with the attachable nylon brush to intensive foam cleaning of cars or bicycles. All accessories fit on every MultiJet unit, of course. An attachable suction hose draws liquid from any source. It doesn’t matter whether it's the permanent water connection in the garden at home, or a bucket, the lake or river when you're out and about - the MultiJet units can always be used when you need them. Practical: the GLORIA UNIVERSAL container holds 10 L and can be conveniently transported in the boot. A standard PET bottle can even be clicked onto the MultiJet 18V - great when your bike needs a quick spray after the tour.