With the CleanMaster and FoamMaster product series, GLORIA offers a range of hand and pressure sprayers for professional cleaning that more than satisfy the high demands of the cleaning industry.

Powerful, robust and ergonomic

The GLORIA sprayers for the use in professional cleaning were designed to meet the high demands of daily work with the devices. The operating conditions in the cleaning industry demand the highest level of performance, resistance, durability and ergonomics from GLORIA handheld and pressure sprayers.

With its product range for professional cleaning, GLORIA provides you with innovative and technically high-quality equipment that meets these requirements. For example, the Performance and Extreme series sprayers are equipped with high-quality Viton seals and are very resistant to hydrocarbons such as oils, greases and solvents.

Effective cleaning foam is also used in numerous areas of professional cleaning. The substrate to be treated is not exposed to high humidity; instead, the surface to be cleaned is simply moistened by the foam. This loosens up the dirt or even dissolves it completely. After a certain reaction time, the foam can be rinsed off together with the dirt particles with clear water without any problems.

The GLORIA FoamMaster pressure sprayers always ensure an optimum degree of foaming during cleaning work. Equipped with a three-part foam cartridge set, the degree of foaming can be varied depending on the area of application. The installed flat-jet nozzle also ensures that the medium is always discharged excellently.