Effective pest control in stables and animal housing systems with the robust sprayers from GLORIA.

Proven helpers in the fight against pests

In modern animal housing, hygiene is an essential part of business management. It serves to prevent the occurrence of diseases and to create optimal performance conditions for the farm animal. To ensure optimal hygiene during operation, GLORIA provides you with powerful sprayers for cleaning and disinfection, which can be used to reduce or eliminate contamination.

The GLORIA high-performance stainless steel sprayers offer extensive equipment, safe handling and a maximum of comfort. The devices are optimally suited to assist you in disinfecting and cleaning stables. Equipped with high-quality Viton seals, the devices can easily withstand acidic and alkaline disinfectants and cleaning agents.


Building construction

Sprayers for the application of formwork oil and construction chemicals

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Sprayers for industrial and trade applications

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Sprayers for professional cleaning

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Car-/Machine care

Sprayers for cleaning cars and machines

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Sprayers to control pests and epidemics

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Agriculture & forestry

Sprayers to control pests and epidemics

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