Weed removal

Thermal weed removal without the use of chemicals.

Weed control - natural and effective!

Are you looking for an effective and environmentally friendly way of weed control to remove annoying weeds? Then our Thermoflamm bio Professional is just the right thing for you.

The Thermoflamm bio Professional is a flash off device designed for connection to an external compressed gas cylinder. The 5 m long hose included in the scope of supply allows flexible handling of the weedkiller. The powerful gas burner is ideal for frequent use on large plots of land.

Working with the GLORIA flame rod is very easy: The device is guided slowly over the weeds to be removed at a distance of approx. 3 cm. The outflowing heat penetrates far into the soil and the roots. This means that even stubborn plants can be treated effectively. The effect of high temperatures causes the cell fluid to boil in the plant cells and expand. The cell walls are blown up and destroyed by this expansion.

This not only ensures a short-term effect, but also achieves a permanent removal of weeds. The uncomfortable and laborious picking of weeds is thus a thing of the past.


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