Maintaining lawn edges

Cutting lawn edges and time-consuming trimming is a thing of the past. With the MultiBrush and FineCut 18V devices from GLORIA, it is done comfortably.

Put the lawn edge trimmer away in the shed!

The MultiBrush replaces the manual work and, in combination with the Cut&Brush 2-in-1 edge trimmer, neatly cuts every lawn edge. The attachment consists of a stainless steel disc that digs into the ground and trims excess grass blades and a nylon brush that removes dirt from the stone edge. No more wildly growing grass on patio slabs or stone paths!

When the FineCut accessory is attached to the MultiBrush devices, the multifunctional surface brush is transformed into a lawn trimmer that easily cuts the edges of lawns. Above all, the FineCut is the ideal addition to any robotic mower and cuts the necessary contours.

GLORIA also offers the FineCut as a stand-alone product with the FineCut 18V. The battery-powered lawn and edge trimmer can be operated with any BOSCH 18V POWER FOR ALL battery and can be manoeuvred comfortably through the garden without a cable. 

It goes without saying that the MultiBrush device is also available with a battery in addition to the electric model.