Take care of your indoor plants on the windowsill or your large perennials in the garden with the practical GLORIA sprayers.

GLORIA - Plant care is our DNA

Watering the garden or individual plants properly and sufficiently can be time-consuming. For example, indoor plants originally come from other climatic zones and are used to much more humidity. The GLORIA fine sprayers are particularly suitable for the care of exotic plants such as orchids. Functional and practical, the 0.3 L capacity Type 208 fine sprayer transforms water into extremely fine spray mist, thus recreating the natural habitat of the plants. New in the GLORIA range is the Hydronette li-on battery-powered fine sprayer. Made of high-quality cork and brass and with an integrated rechargeable battery, the new edition of the GLORIA classic from the 70s is a design object and sprayer in one. 

Another new addition to the GLORIA sprayer range is the prima 60 sprayer, suitable for growing seeds and seedlings. Here, particular care must be taken when watering so that small plantlets are not damaged or washed away. This works perfectly with the new GLORIA pressure bottle.

Outdoors, hot summer days are a challenge, and watering must be provided to prevent the plants from dying. It is best for the garden plants to water gently and specifically to the base. Here the water cannot evaporate as quickly and penetrate to the roots.

The GLORIA pressure sprayers enable this targeted watering thanks to the spray lance with adjustable nozzle. In addition, the sprayers can also spray gently on sensitive plants, depending on the pressure built up in the container.

If special care is required, as is often the case with roses or lawns, the GLORIA sprayers are also the right helpers for spreading fertilizer. 

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