Application of chemicals

Special sprayers for applying sprayable, water-soluble chemicals such as base coat, deep primer and primer surfacer.

Reliable special sprayers

Powerful sprayers for daily use, the GLORIA high-performance sprayers and special sprayers convince by their extreme durability. Powerful pumps build up a maximum operating pressure of 3 bar, which allows long working intervals without re-pumping and guarantees a constant spray pattern.

In addition to regular use and extreme temperature influences, Profiline pressure sprayers for industrial applications must also withstand oil-containing and aggressive spraying media. This is why many GLORIA Profiline pressure sprayers are equipped with Viton seals, which, unlike conventional components, have a high thermal and chemical resistance.


Building construction

Sprayers for the application of formwork oil and construction chemicals

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Sprayers for industrial and trade applications

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Sprayers for professional cleaning

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Car-/Machine care

Sprayers for cleaning cars and machines

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Sprayers to control pests and epidemics

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Agriculture & forestry

Sprayers to control pests and epidemics

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Technical details
Filling capacity
Max. operating pressure
Material of seals