This turns the MultiBrush into a multi-talent - a total of 11 matching accessory attachments expand the range of uses of the cordless and electric brushes many times over.

The attachment almost changes itself!

The MultiBrush becomes a multi-talent - numerous accessory options can be mounted on the cordless and electric brushes without tools and in no time at all. All accessories are of course compatible with all MultiBrush units and expand the range of applications many times over.

The WeedBrush devices, however, stand on their own and are only intended for joint cleaning using the steel wire and nylon joint brush.

Important information: The FineCut attachment is only compatible with the latest MultiBrush PLUS models. Safety first, previous models do not yet have the switch-on lock on the handle.

Stone & wood

Lichen or moss that sits deep in the material on the stone terrace or paths around the house are an annoying mess that needs to be removed. GLORIA provides you with three powerful aids for this. Depending on the nature of your stone surface and the degree of dirt, you can choose between nylon brushes (SOFT and MEDIUM Stone Brushes) or the Stone Brush PRO made of steel wire bristles for particularly stubborn dirt and very resistant stone surfaces.

With the Wood Brush UNIVERSAL for cleaning and caring for wooden surfaces, even grooves and gaps are thoroughly cleaned thanks to an optimised brush profile with different bristle lengths.


Thanks to the steel wire joint brush, weeds and moss sprouting in joints of patios and sidewalks are removed completely. For very scratch-sensitive surfaces, GLORIA recommends the soft nylon joint brush.


The 2-in-1 edge trimmer Cut&Brush is a first-class helper for clearing overgrown paths or curbs with protruding grass. The 1 mm thin, slotted stainless steel disc cuts into the soil and at the same time the nylon brush frees stone edges from overhanging grass roots.


Regular scarifying and aeration is recommended for a healthy and durable lawn. The 165 mm wide scarifying roller cuts the turf with eight stainless steel blade discs and removes dead plant residues and annoying lawn thatch. The lawn aerator roller, by contrast, perforates the lawn surface through spring steel tines and thus ensures excellent aeration of the lawn. Water and nutrients can be better absorbed by the roots.

Lawn care also includes cutting. The FineCut lawn and edge trimmer attachment guarantees the best cutting results on small lawns. With a cutting width of 36 cm and a 3-stage cutting height adjustment, the counter-rotating, laser-cut blades reliably catch all grass blades - and thanks to the design of the attachment, even close to the edge and all the way into the corners. The FineCut is the ideal addition to the classic robotic mower.