Car cleaning and care

Clean and maintain your vehicle with GLORIA sprayers. Ideally suited for the application of cleaning agents.

GLORIA sprayers provide new shine

Care and clean your vehicle with GLORIA foam sprayers - but properly. Always work from bottom to top, as the contamination is always at its greatest in the lower area. By first foaming in the rims and the lower part of the body and then working upwards, you extend the reaction time with the foam running downwards.

Subsequent thorough rinsing with a GLORIA Profiline pressure sprayer should remove most of the dirt from the paint. During the second round, clean all areas that are difficult to access, such as the decorative trims or the radiator grille, separately in order to achieve a satisfactory result.

The 1 L pressure sprayer CleanMaster Extreme EX 100 is the ideal helper when outstanding durability is required. With a polyethylene container and a spray head made of polyoxymethylene plastic and the use of FKM+ seals, the pressure sprayer is ideally suited for engine cleaning, brake cleaning or rim cleaning.

Take a detailed look at the GLORIA Profiline range for car cleaning and care and convince yourself of the quality and resistance of our sprayers.


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