Other rechargeable battery/battery devices

In addition to the 18V battery-powered tools, GLORIA offers a selection of other products that do not have to be operated manually.

Spraying effortlessly

Several plants often need special attention at the same time or individual specimens have to be treated repeatedly. The battery-operated sprayers from GLORIA put an end to tiring pumping. Simply press the button and start spraying. 

Thanks to the integrated electric pumps, the 1-litre AutoPump Mini and Hydronette li-on hand sprayers as well as the 5-litre AutoPump sprayer can produce a permanent spray pattern with an even application rate. The Hydronette li-on is a very special highlight. Made of high-quality cork and brass and with an integrated rechargeable battery including USB-C charging function, the fine sprayer is much more a design object than a classic sprayer and stands out from the other sprayers.

The MultiJet 36V is not just for spraying but also for cleaning. The high-performance spray system applies up to 70 bar to surfaces and can clean, foam, brush and even treat plants. The pressure washer draws water from any source itself. A compact size combined with the rechargeable battery function makes the MultiJet 36V suitable for use wherever it is needed.