Pressure sprayers

The GLORIA 3 - 8 litre sprayers are ideally suited for plant protection and care in your home garden. Numerous equipment options and practical accessories ensure comfort and quality.

GLORIA sprayers - flexibility & equipment diversity

The GLORIA pressure sprayers with a capacity of 3 - 8 litres and containers made of resistant plastic are excellently suited for working in small and also large gardens and even reach smaller trees and shrubs effortlessly for plant care and protection thanks to practical equipment options such as extension lances or a spiral hose. Thanks to their flexibility and variety of equipment, the sprayers are also suitable for use in greenhouses or nurseries. With an operating pressure of up to 3 bar, the sprayers easily perform longer working intervals and have comfortable reach.

Thanks to numerous practical accessory options, the pressure sprayers adapt perfectly to your individual gardening requirements. Spraying shields for precise work at the edge or a spraying lance with 270° spraying function to combat the box wood tree moth are just a few examples of innovative problem solvers. 

The classic and best-seller among the pressure sprayers is the GLORIA prima 5. With a filling capacity of 5 litres, a maximum operating pressure of 3 bar as well as a powerful pressure pump including brass spray lance and hollow-cone nozzle, the garden sprayer has already found its way into a large number of gardens. The prima 5 is ideal for use in small and large gardens.

Battery-powered compressor with Bosch Power!

Spraying without manual pumping - from now on, every 3 - 8 litre sprayer can be equipped with the new GLORIA battery-powered compressor. This is compatible with every Bosch 18V POWER FOR ALL rechargeable battery, equipped with an adjustable operating pressure of 1.5 to 2.5 bar and ensures an even and effective application of the spraying medium.