GLORIA pressure sprayers and high-performance sprayers for effective treatment of pest infestation.

Control of pests and epidemics

Whether in private households, in commercial premises or in sanitary facilities - pest infestation can occur everywhere. With the help of GLORIA Profiline sprayers, however, unpleasant pests can be stopped effectively.

In addition, the GLORIA sprayers are proven assistants in the fight against pathogens. By spraying disinfectants evenly, epidemics are effectively contained and treated.

GLORIA also provides you with a high-quality assistant for the containment of tropical diseases. The GLORIA ProControl 100 made of stainless steel is the ideal tool for the defence and containment of epidemics and tropical diseases.

Malaria, chagas, dengue or yellow fever are prevented or contained by effectively combating disease carriers such as insects and mosquitoes, for instance by spraying indoor areas.