GLORIA - The Original

For more than 70 years, GLORIA has been standing for high-quality and technically sophisticated sprayers as well as innovative garden tools. Founded in a small garden shed in Gütersloh in northwestern Germany, the company devoted its efforts towards the development of crop protection sprayers from the outset. Shortly after its foundation in 1947, the production of the first GLORIA hand sprayer set the stage for the corporate success. Since then, GLORIA has consistently focused on the development of pump and pressure sprayers as well as garden products.


Whether in our gardens, greenhouses or households, GLORIA products can be put to use everywhere. Starting with powerful hand sprayers, the GLORIA assortment covers a wide range of pressure sprayers made of plastic, steel and stainless steel. Piston knapsack sprayers with a particularly large capacity of 12 to 18 litres round off the variety of sprayers. Practical gardening products, among others for thermal and mechanical weed removal and surface treatment, complete the product portfolio and are part of a comprehensive range of gardening tools for our customers.

Please take a detailed look at the milestones of GLORIA´s corporate success story. 



MultiJet System - 1 becomes 3!

Can there be more? We are expanding our MultiJet product range with two more medium and high-pressure cleaners and now offer a 36V and a 230V unit in addition to the MultiJet 18V.

The MultiJet 36V cleans, foams and sprays from 5 to 70 bar in three pressure levels. A 36V/4.0 Ah rechargeable battery provides satisfactory runtime. The handy size makes this lightweight the ideal aid. Whether for cleaning, plant care or after a bike ride: Throw the suction hose into a bucket, the pool or lake or click it onto the tap, select the pressure level and off you go!

The MultiJet 230V really puts the pressure on. With a max. operating pressure of 120 bar, even the most stubborn dirt around the house will give way. The electric high-pressure cleaner impresses with numerous features: three pressure levels and a multi-function nozzle make the device maximally flexible.

All accessory options (foam set, brush set, plant protection set) are of course always compatible with all MultiJet units.

News from the sprayer segment

270° Plant Protection Set: GLORIA offers a new special spray set with 270° spray function to help eliminate plant pests that settle inside of plants, especially on the undersides of the leaves. The best example: the notorious box wood tree moth, which lays its eggs on the underside of the leaves. Here, it is necessary to wet even the undersides of the leaves. This is not guaranteed with a conventional standard nozzle.

Battery-powered compressor: We equip our plastic pressure sprayers with 18 V battery power. The new sprayer compressor joins the compatibility of GLORIA cordless tools with Bosch 18V POWER FOR ALL batteries and is the most powerful compressor of its kind. It supplies our sprayers from 3 – 8 L continuously with up to 2.5 bar constant operating pressure.

The MultiBrush goes on the lawn

For many years, our cordless and electric brushes have been faithful aids in removing dirt and weeds from stone and wooden surfaces. Now we bring the MultiBrush onto the lawn. A lawn aerator and a scarifying roller provide excellent results in lawn care. By working the green area, the nutrient uptake of the soil is optimised. The lawn grows thicker together and becomes more hard-wearing.


MultiJet 18V - Clean, foam, spray

The GLORIA MultiJet 18V is a mobile, battery-powered, high-performance spray system which can be converted into a powerful cleaning device, a foam sprayer, a cleaning brush or a spraying device for the application of plant protection, in just a few steps.

In the basic kit the GLORIA MultiJet 18V is a variable cleaning device, which is equipped with a 4-in-1 multifunction nozzle and a 40 cm extension lance. The operating pressure can be regulated between 2.5 and 24.9 bar in three stages, so that both gentle and powerful cleaning is possible. Whether bucket, lake or tap - a suction hose draws liquid from any source. Powered by any BOSCH 18 V 1.5 - 6.0 Ah Home and Garden battery, the MultiJet 18V is also independent of a power cable and is always ready for use where it is needed. No matter whether in the garden, around the house, stored in the trunk, on the next camping holiday or the mountain bike tour.


From 2020 all GLORIA battery-powered devices are compatible with the BOSCH Power for ALL battery system. This means that all BOSCH 18 V battery variants from 1.5 to 6.0 Ah can supply the MultiBrush li-on, WeedBrush li-on or the brand new MultiJet 18V with the necessary power.

With the integration of the BOSCH Home and Garden battery system GLORIA offers its customers even more flexibility in gardening. Already today millions of BOSCH 18 V batteries are in use in Germany, which can now also be used with GLORIA products. This means no more additional and annoying accessories and one battery for a wide range of BOSCH and GLORIA products.


Hobby 05 and 10 FLEX

With the Hobby 05 and 10 hand sprayers, GLORIA has been offering faithful helpers for plant care on the balcony or terrace for many years. They convince with their ergonomic operation, their high efficiency at work and their high-quality workmanship.

For the 2019 garden season, GLORIA is adding one more thing. The sprayers become the Hobby 05 and 10 FLEX. GLORIA additionally equips both devices with a flexible riser pipe, so that spraying on the head is now possible.

Effective vehicle cleaning

GLORIA expands its range of foam sprayers for vehicle cleaning. With the new 3 L compact class FoamMaster FM 30, car lovers now have a handy spraying device at their side, which can be ideally taken to the nearest car wash and effectively performs its service.

With TOP FOAM Auto-Shampoo, GLORIA also offers a highly effective special shampoo with an extra high degree of foaming, which easily removes dirt and insect remains and gives the vehicle a fresh shine.


Special cleaning agents & foam sprayers

GLORIA is expanding its range of products for cleaning a wide variety of surfaces around the house and, for the first time in the company's history, is launching three of its own cleaning agents onto the market: Stone Special-Cleaner, Wood/WPC Special-Cleaner and Green film Remover.

With the new FoamMaster FM 10 FLEX foam sprayer, GLORIA also provides its customers with a practical aid for surface cleaning. The sprayer transforms cleaning agent into effective foam, which acts intensively and further enhances the cleaning result. 


GLORIA shows weeds the limits!

70 Years GLORIA - The Original. GLORIA Haus- und Gartengeräte GmbH celebrates its anniversary and presents itself with gifts. The market launch of the BrushSystem, four practical surface brushes for cleaning and caring for various surfaces around the house, develops into the most successful product launch in the company's history.

In addition, GLORIA is constantly expanding existing products in order to guarantee its customers maximum innovation and progress. Numerous high-performance sprayers and back sprayers are equipped with a pressure regulator with which the desired operating pressure can be easily set. The regulator closes when the pressure drops below the set value. A constant output rate at the nozzle is guaranteed.


Experts for professional cleaning

With the Extreme and Performance product line, GLORIA offers five new experts for the application of degreasing media as well as acidic, alkaline and alkaline spray media. All devices are, among other things, resistant to oil-containing media.

In addition, the FoodMaster F12 is the first sprayer in the company's history to be launched on the market for use in companies that work with food on a daily basis. The 1.25 litre pressure sprayer has been tested and approved for use in the food processing industry. With its special seals, the sprayer is suitable, among other things, for dispensing foodstuffs such as oils and oily media.


Weed removal by means of a heat jet

GLORIA offers a new, practical and environmentally friendly way to remove weeds - the Thermoflamm bio Electro, which removes disturbing weeds and wild growth by means of a heat jet at temperatures of up to 650 °C. The device does its job with an economical 2,000 watt electric operation, a conical nozzle shields the heat jet from the outside. This saves time and protects the environment.


Range & comfort

With the piston back sprayers Hobby 1200 and 1800 as well as Profi 1300 and 1800, GLORIA provides its customers with practical helpers for use in viticulture, forestry and plant care in greenhouses. The Pro machines are equipped with a professional carrying system, which sets new standards with regard to ergonomics and carrying comfort.


Kress familiy takes over GLORIA

Takeover of GLORIA Haus- und Gartengeräte GmbH by the Kress family from Ulm and establishment of a sales and marketing centre in Neu-Ulm, Bavaria.

The head office of the company and location of development, construction, logistics etc. will remain Witten in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Subsequent years

Market leader for sprayers

GLORIA quickly developed into a brand manufacturer of sprayers and over the years has set numerous standards and innovations in this field.

In the beginning, the sprayers were still made from old aircraft bombs, but quite quickly plastic and other materials were used to make the user's work as simple and comfortable as possible.


Year of foundation of GLORIA

Company founded in a small garden house near Gütersloh and a short time later started production of the first sprayers for plant protection and plant care.