Scarifying & Aerating

Remove felt, moss and weeds with the MultiBrush cordless and electric brushes.

Lawn care with the MultiBrush!

With the GLORIA MultiBrush battery and electric brushes, lawns in the home garden can be conveniently and easily maintained and kept free of weeds. 

A 165 mm wide scarifying roller is ideal for lawns in spring and autumn. Eight stainless steel blade discs easily and effectively remove weeds and dead plant debris from the lawn that can otherwise prevent it from growing. The lawn then becomes denser and more hard-wearing.

The lawn aerator roller, also 165 mm wide, combs through the lawn and removes annoying lawn thatch and can easily be used on the lawn several times a year. This has the effect that the lawn is optimally aerated again following the treatment, the grass roots have more space again to supply themselves with water and nutrients due to the removed moss and the green area grows healthily again.