Cutting grass

Whether along edges, under play equipment or an entire lawn, GLORIA grass cutters are highly versatile.

New lawn cut with the FineCut 18V or FineCut attachment

GLORIA offers two product variants to give your lawn the perfect cut. Variant 1 is the FineCut 18V, an independent lawn cutting tool operated by POWER FOR ALL rechargeable batteries. Variant 2 is designed for all owners of a MultiBrush and allows you to attach an additional lawn care accessory to the already existing surface brushes - the FineCut attachment. 

The lawn robot's best friend

Both products have the same purpose. Owners of a robotic lawn mower know the problem: The robotic lawn mower neatly cuts the lawn but often fails to cut in narrow spaces, corners and edges. This is where the FineCut 18V steps in. The device cuts the remaining grass, which the robotic lawn mower has left, all the way to the edge. This is possible thanks to the extra wide cutting surface, which reaches up to the guide wheels. The FineCut 18V can of course also be used in smaller gardens to cut the entire lawn. 

Special feature - adjustable tool angle

The adjustable tool angle allows the FineCut 18V to cut deep under bushes, shrubs or children's equipment in the garden. The aluminium tube can easily be locked in tiny steps at the touch of a button, so it can also be adjusted to suit your height, for ergonomic working when standing.