Foam sprayers

Handy pressure sprayers for the application of effective cleaning foam - for an even more thorough cleaning result.

Beautifully clean!

The GLORIA foam sprayers transform cleaning agents into effective cleaning foam, which can be optimally distributed over the entire surface to be cleaned during spraying. The foam can act intensively and achieve a thorough cleaning effect. Cleaning foam is economical to use and ensures a significantly lower use of resources.

The degree of foaming can be variably adjusted in three stages on all sprayers by means of a plastic nozzle with interchangeable inserts. This way, cleansing foam is created according to your wishes and needs - from light to standing firm. Depending on the setting, the foam adheres to the surface for up to five minutes, can work intensively and remove dirt effectively.

Our foam sprayers are universally applicable and welcome aids for a wide range of cleaning tasks:

  • Auto cleaning
  • Cleaning of bicycles
  • Cleaning of stone and wood surfaces

Did you know? With the GLORIA battery-powered compressor for sprayers, it is no longer necessary to build up pressure manually. Compatible with any BOSCH 18V POWER FOR ALL rechargeable battery, the compressor ensures a constant operating pressure between 1.5 and 2.5 bar and an excellent foaming pattern.