Cleaning stone surfaces & joints

Stone surfaces in the garden are green, dirty, slippery, full of moss and weeds? GLORIA high-performance spray systems and surface brushes can help!

Blitz & blank

BrushSystem cordless and electric brushes

The multifunctional electric and battery-powered brushes MultiBrush speedcontrol PLUS and MultiBrush li-on PLUS are real experts when it comes to cleaning any stone surface in the garden. Whether it's the paved courtyard driveway, the concrete patio or the tiled garden path, there is a suitable attachment for every application.

Three brush rollers for stone surfaces adapt exactly to your requirements - so you can gently work in cleaning agents (stone brush SOFT), easily remove coarse soiling such as moss or green build up (stone brush MEDIUM) and remove really stubborn soiling such as lichen with a steel wire brush (stone brush PRO). 

The steel or nylon joint brushes are ideal for the spaces in between, and they can also be used in combination with the MultiBrush devices or with the specialist for joint cleaning, the WeedBrush. The WeedBrush is the electric version of a conventional weed remover and can be operated comfortably in a standing position. As with the MultiBrush, the joint brush is also available as a rechargeable battery version from the POWER FOR ALL line.

MultiJet spraying systems

If you prefer wet cleaning on stone surfaces, the MultiJet high-performance spray systems are the right choice. There are 3 models in total, so there is a suitable device for everyone. The MultiJet 18V and MultiJet 36V, as battery-operated medium pressure cleaners, are ideal for flexible use in remote locations. The MultiJet 230V, the compact electric high-pressure cleaner, has all the power it needs to remove stubborn dirt, e.g. from  driveways, stone paths or walls.