Industry and handcraft

GLORIA Profiline products are suitable for a wide variety of applications in industry and handcraft and are appreciated as useful assistants thanks to numerous equipment options and high-quality materials.

The GLORIA sprayers of the Profiline series are characterized by various equipment features and helpful detailed solutions. In industry and handcraft, the pressure and high-performance sprayers provide valuable services, for example in the application of a wide variety of sprayable chemicals, in the lubrication of switches or in machine cleaning, and are very impressive due to their high resistance, efficiency and safety.

GLORIA high-performance sprayers have a wide range of equipment options to ensure your comfort and safety at work. In addition to the regular use and extreme temperature influences, GLORIA Profiline sprayers must also withstand oil-containing and aggressive spraying media.

That is why only high-quality materials are used in the production of GLORIA Profiline models. For example, most of the sprayers are equipped with Viton seals which, in contrast to conventional seals, have a high thermal and chemical resistance.

Furthermore, the 5 and 10 litre high-performance sprayers are entirely made of steel and stainless steel and are characterised by high resistance. The 505 and 510 sprayers are made of stainless steel and meet even the highest demands in terms of shock and wear and corrosion resistance.