Cleaning with GLORIA

Around the house or on the road, GLORIA has the right tool for effective cleaning for every surface. For shiny results.

GLORIA brings a new shine!

GLORIA offers you an extensive range of products for your cleaning tasks around the house and on the road. Many devices score points for their multifunctionality and can thus be used for more than just one purpose.

The MultiBrush battery-powered and electric brushes are real all-rounders and combine up to 5 different applications in one device thanks to the innovative change mechanism. From joint cleaning to stone or wood cleaning, edge trimming and lawn edging to lawn and artificial turf care - the devices can be converted in just a few steps. You have the choice between the MultiBrush speedcontrol PLUS with a powerful electric motor or the MultiBrush li-on PLUS with an 18 V BOSCH rechargeable battery, with guaranteed flexibility without electric cables.



Likewise, an integrated changeable attachment makes the MultiJet units all-rounders for cleaning. The high-performance spray systems can be used both as powerful cleaning tool, as a foam sprayer or brush for cleaning various surfaces, and they are even ideal for plant protection. With the rechargeable battery versions, you are even completely location independent and can use it wherever it is needed. All units draw in liquids themselves by means of the suction hose from any source.

When it comes to the care and cleaning of vehicles, in addition to the MultiJetSystem, you are also well equipped with the GLORIA foam sprayers. Simply fill with the cleaning agent, build up pressure in the sprayer and off you go. The cleaning foam adheres optimally to the rim or bodywork, can work intensively and ensures an excellent cleaning result.