Car wash

GLORIA sprayers are very popular assistants for vehicle pre-cleaning in the car wash and are ideally suited for the application of cleaning agents.

Shine with GLORIA in the car wash

Pre-cleaning vehicles, rinsing off dirt and cleaning rims - GLORIA Profiline sprayers are used in many car washes and do their job reliably.

Whether pressure sprayers with a maximum operating pressure of 3 bar for the application of acidic and alkaline media or foam sprayers that transform cleaning agents into effective cleaning foam that acts intensively and produces an optimum cleaning result - with the GLORIA Profiline you will find the right solution.

Equipped with high-quality Viton seals, the CleanMaster PERFORMANCE PF 50, for instance, shows particularly high resistance to cleaning media and is also characterized by high resistance to chemicals, temperature and aging.

Thanks to a maximum operating pressure of 3 bar and a filling capacity of 5 litres, the PF 50 has a constant spray pattern for a long period of time and ensures optimum working results and intervals when cleaning vehicles in the car wash.


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