Cleaning agents

Whether vehicle or surface cleaning in the garden and around the house - GLORIA provides you with the right product.

Specialists in action!

It's a clean thing! - GLORIA puts several specialists at your side when it comes to cleaning your surfaces. A special cleaner for various stone surfaces, one for WPC or wood materials as well as an effective green coating remover with long-term effect provide a fresh shine around the house. All three cleaning agents are of course biodegradable.

There is also the TOP FOAM special shampoo for vehicle cleaning, which is pH-neutral and therefore gentle on the material, and the extra high degree of foaming ensures thorough cleaning results.

It is best to apply the special cleaners with a foam sprayer such as the FoamMaster FM 10 FLEX. The pressure sprayer transforms the cleaning agent into effective foam, which can act intensively on the surface and ensures an even better cleaning result. On surfaces GLORIA recommends to remove the dirt afterwards with a brush from the BrushSystem range. Alternatively, cleaning foam can also be sprayed out with the MultiJet 18V battery spray system in conjunction with the foam nozzle.

The green film remover works automatically and removes green film and algae effortlessly. Simply apply with a GLORIA pressure sprayer like the prima 5 and let it act. The concentrate works by itself.