Loosening the flower bed - the easy way

With the Gardenboy PLUS, maintaining your flowerbed is easy. Standing comfortably, the soil tiller does the job as if by itself.

The all-rounder for patches and vegetable gardens

With its specially hardened steel tines, the Gardenboy PLUS is the ideal tool to tend edges, scarify, crumble, loosen and weed. The electric rotary tiller is ideal to prepare the soil for the new sowing, and the regular loosening of the soil encourages the development of important microorganism in the ground, which results in a reduced weed growth.

With a 230 V motor, 400 Watt and a working depth of 8.0 cm, the Gardenboy PLUS is effective and powerful. Thanks to its ergonomic handle grip and its adjustable second handle, which can be adapted to the individual body height, it is comfortable to handle.