GLORIA - Quality down to the smallest detail

GLORIA´s product range is based on decades of tradition and experience. The needs of our customers have always been at the centre of our product developments and innovations. The result: reliable and efficient sprayers and garden tools setting standards for user friendliness, ergonomics and quality.

Our manufacturing processes only employ high-quality materials which we are convinced of. The production conditions are characterised by state-of-the-art technical equipment, experienced production forces and regular quality controls. Further, GLORIA´s steel and stainless steel Profiline series is manufactured exclusively in Germany. "Made in Germany" remains synonymous with the adherence to highest quality standards in our company.


All GLORIA products are manufactured in accordance with the guidelines of the ISO 9001 quality standards. This ensures the long-term quality of our products and services. Numerous awards from independent institutions confirm the outstanding safety level, the compliance with valid guidelines and the exemplary design of our products.

To ensure that GLORIA customers can rely on the benefits of our long-term quality, GLORIA offers a 10-year warranty on the availabilty of spare parts for the entire product range.