Weeding flowerbeds

With the electric Gardenboy PLUS weeder it's child's play to get your garden beds in top shape. The oscillating steel tines remove weeds from the soil without damage and loosen up the soil at the same time.

No more weeds in the flowerbed

It is generally recommended to loosen the soil in beds regularly so that weeds have no chance. It is often neglected because tedious hoeing takes up a lot of time and is very tiring in a kneeling position.

The Gardenboy PLUS puts an end to weeds in flowerbeds and vegetable gardens. The oscillating movements of the steel tines of the soil tiller pull out weeds undamaged, together with their stems and roots. The plants only need to be picked up and the job is done.

Regular use of the tool not only keeps the bed weed-free, but also helps the soil to absorb water and nutrients. For a strong and healthy growth of the desired vegetable or crop plants. The Gardenboy PLUS also loosens the soil for new seeds whenever you need it.