Hand sprayers

The GLORIA Profiline hand sprayers are available in a wide variety of special models: as fine and pressure sprayers, for the application of oil-containing and aggressive media, for the most diverse areas of application in professional cleaning.

Specialists in their domain

The hand sprayers of the GLORIA CleanMaster series, equipped with high-quality EPDM seals, are excellently suited for the application of acidic and alkaline cleaning agents and are versatile in use. Two special product series (Performance and Extreme) ensure a full range of applications for the sprayer series. The special hand sprayer CleanMaster Performance PF12 convinces in the field of acidic media with an even broader coverage of usable mixtures. Thanks to integrated FKM seals, the pressure sprayer is the ideal assistant when working with disinfectants, cleaning agents and construction chemicals.

The multifunctional CleanMaster program is completed by the three robust hand sprayers of the Extreme series. The EX 100 is a specialist in the application of solvent-based media and is resistant to petrol, benzol or oil.

Another absolute specialist in its field of application is the FoodMaster F 12, an unique sprayer approved for use in food processing companies and for the application of food.

The GLORIA range of hand sprayers for professionals is complemented by the foam sprayers of the FoamMaster line. Equipped with a flat jet nozzle including a set of foam cartridges, the FoamMaster FM 10 and FM 10 FLEX sprayers can be used to apply effective cleaning foam. Convincing work results and a significantly reduced use of resources are guaranteed.


Building construction

Sprayers for the application of formwork oil and construction chemicals

Building construction


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Sprayers for professional cleaning


Car-/Machine care

Sprayers for cleaning cars and machines

Car-/­Machine care


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Agriculture & forestry

Sprayers to control pests and epidemics

Agriculture and forestry
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