Treating & protecting wood

The GLORIA Spray&Paint sprayers are ideally suited for the application of sprayable, water-soluble glazes and solvent-free wood preservative oils.

Spraying instead of brushing

A faded garden fence, boring balcony furniture or rough wooden planks in the garden? Sounds like a lot of paint work. But you thought wrong! With the sprayers from the Spray&Paint range, painting is easy and quick.

The sprayers are suitable for all solvent and water-based agents such as varnishes, glazes, wood preservatives, primers and oils.
The very fine atomisation of the Spray&Paint sprayers ensures an even application and complete coverage without sags. The agent is used economically and there is no need for preparatory masking. For efficient work you will enjoy doing.

Especially wood in the garden should be treated regularly to create a protective layer against the weather. This guarantees that the terrace or the fence made of natural material stays beautiful and in good shape for a long time. 

GLORIA offers a 1.5 L variant and a 5 L variant of the paint sprayers. So, no matter how big your project is, there is always the right product for you.