Mobile cleaning

The GLORIA MultiJet devices powered by rechargeable batteries clean wherever you are.

Mobile outdoor cleaner for on the road!

Battery-powered high-performance spray systems

There is not always a power and water connection for the cleaning device at hand. This can already be the case in remote areas of the garden. However, you often need a quick cleaning aid when you are out and about - for example, for the garden furniture in the allotment garden, the horse stable, the equipment for camping or outdoor sports. 

Thanks to the MultiJet battery-powered medium-pressure cleaner, there are no more limits to cleanliness. The MultiJet 18V and MultiJet 36V mobile high-performance spraying systems with 18V and 36V battery power respectively are equipped with a 4-in-1 multi-function nozzle and draw liquid from any source. Whether a lake, bucket, canister or tap, simply click on the hose and off you go. Practical: an optionally available foam attachment converts detergent into cleaning foam - ideal for thoroughly cleaning your vehicle or bike.