Maintaining lawn & bed

The multifunctional MultiBrush tools offer brushes for surface cleaning as well as several attachments for lawn care. The Gardenboy PLUS soil crumbler keeps the beds tidy.

With loose work to a loose bed and lawn

With the GLORIA MultiBrush battery and electric brushes, lawns in the home garden can be conveniently and easily maintained and kept free of weeds. 

The FineCut is the lawn and weed trimmer attachment for the MultiBrush battery and electric brushes. It ensures the best cutting results on compact lawns and mows exactly to the edge - the ideal complement to any robotic lawnmower. The FineCut is not only available as an extension for the MultiBrush, but also as a stand-alone battery lawn and edge trimmer FineCut 18V. 

Tedious lawn edging is also a thing of the past with the all-purpose MultiBrush. With the Cut&Brush 2-in-1 edge trimmer, stone paths are freed from overhanging grass and the area is cleaned at the same time. Other attachments allow the machines to scarify and aerate. In this way, weeds and dead plant residues are easily and effectively removed from the lawn, which can otherwise prevent it from growing. The lawn then grows back thicker and more hard-wearing.


The Gardenboy PLUS puts an end to weeds in flowerbeds and kitchen gardens. The oscillating movements of the steel tines of the soil crumbler pull out weeds intact, including stem and root. The plants only have to be picked up and the job is done. Regular use of the tool not only keeps the bed weed-free, but also helps the soil to absorb water and nutrients. For strong and healthy growth of the desired vegetable or crop plants.