270° Plant Protection Set

Item no. 729157.0000

2-in-1 multifunction nozzle

  • Cone jet or 270° spraying
  • 4 nozzles laterally changeable
  • Incl. brass spray lance
  • Suitable for all 3 - 18 L garden pressure sprayers

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Product information

The 270° Plant Protection Set is the ideal aid for the effective removal of pests such as the box wood tree moth, which primarily colonises the underside of the leaves of infested plants. This makes it necessary to wet the leaves on all sides, even inside the tree. This is not guaranteed with a conventional standard nozzle.

The GLORIA set includes a 50 cm brass lance with a 2-in-1 brass nozzle. In addition to a forward-facing hollow-cone nozzle, this has four further precision nozzles arranged in a circle. The four additional nozzles can be switched on optionally and ensure an evenly distributed application of the insecticide inside the box wood tree. The lance is guided into the bush during the spraying process so that it is wetted from the inside and all leaves from below. The nozzles can be unscrewed for better cleaning. The brass lance also has a removable filter insert to filter coarse particles in the spray liquid.

Technical details

  • Brass spray lance
  • 2-in1- Multifunction nozzle