Thermoflamm bio Fix

Item no. 000174.0000

Weed removal with a heating element

  • 800 °C heating element
  • Convenient electric operation (230 V and 1,100 W)
  • Quick working progress
  • Length approx. 122 cm
  • Simple operation at the touch of a button

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Product information

Thermal weed control offers an effective alternative to chemical herbicides to tackle the weeds around the house because chemicals are not allowed to be used on paved areas like driveways or pavements; they cannot percolate through the ground and in the worst case are conveyed unfiltered to the sewerage by the next rain shower.

Here, GLORIA offers effective alternatives.

Thermoflamm bio Fix works with a heating spiral of up to 800 °C and is ready for use within a short time. A fast work progress is guaranteed thanks to the large radiation area of 150 cm². An integrated heat protection plate and stainless steel reflectors provide for an optimized heat protection and an effective weed treatment.

The device is directly guided over the plant for a few seconds. The heat escaping deeply expands into the roots and causes the fluid in the plant cells to coagulate. The cell walls explode due to the expansion of the fluid – the plant dries up within a few days. It is not necessary to burn away the plant completely.

Technical details

  • Economical electrical operation
  • Power 1.100 W
  • Weight 2,0 kg
  • Length 122 cm
  • Ergonomically shaped handle
  • Strain relief for cable

Thermoflamm bio Electro

Weed removal with heat ray

  • 650 °C heat ray
  • Convenient electric operation (230 V and 2,000 W)
  • Ergonomic handle grip

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