prima 5 PLUS

Item no. 000106.0000

For the application of acidic pesticides

  • 5 L Filling capacity
  • Acid resistant seals
  • Incl. plastic extension tube
  • Powerful pressure pump
  • Plastic spray lance
  • Resistant to acetic acid

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Product information

Equipped with acid-resistant EPDM seals and a plastic spray lance and nozzle, the Prima 5 PLUS sprayer is ideal for applying acidic crop protection agents. In addition, the device is resistant to acetic acid in a concentration of up to 10%.

The new prima 5 PLUS is identical in construction to the best-selling GLORIA sprayer, the prima 5. However, the PLUS version is equipped with high-quality EPDM seals and a plastic spray lance including plastic nozzle and 0.5 m plastic extension lance. A commercially reinforced hose completes the PLUS package. Like the prima 5, the PLUS unit is also equipped with a powerful pressure pump that builds up an operating pressure of up to 3 bar.

GLORIA recommends that only approved and ready-to-use acetic acid solutions and pesticides are applied with the prima 5 PLUS. In addition, these pesticides may only be used with the pressure sprayer on agricultural, forestry or horticultural land. Use on other areas such as garage access, sidewalks or parking spaces is prohibited.

Technical details

  • Acid resistant seals
  • Filling capacity 5,00 L
  • Total capacity 7,00 L
  • Max. operating pressure 3.0 bar
  • Sturdy plastic container
  • Buna EP (EPDM) Seals
  • Plastic spray lance
  • Plastic hollow-cone nozzle
  • Plastic pump
  • Quick-acting valve
  • Safety relief valve
  • Transparent level indicator strip

prima 5

Pressure sprayer for plant care in the garden

  • 5 L filling capacity
  • Powerful pressure pump
  • Brass spray lance incl. brass hollow cone nozzle

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prima 5 Comfort

Pressure sprayer with additional comfort and flexibility

  • 5 L filling capacity
  • 2.5 m spiral hose
  • Compressor connection

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Plastic pump

  • Suitable for all 3 - 8 L pressure sprayers made of plastic

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270° Plant Protection Set

2-in-1 multifunction nozzle

  • Cone jet or 270° spraying
  • 4 nozzles laterally changeable
  • Incl. brass spray lance

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Spray shield type 280

  • For accurate spraying of edges
  • Diameter:
    11 cm

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Battery-powered compressor

Spraying without manual pumping

  • With BOSCH battery power
  • Variable pressure regulator (1.5 – 2.5 bar)
  • Suitable for all 3 - 8 L foam and pressure sprayers with max. 3 bar

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