Hobby 05 FLEX

Item no. 000850.0000

Fine sprayer with precision pump:
1 x pumps = 2 x spraying

  • 0.5 L Filling capacity
  • 360° spray function thanks to flexible riser tube
  • Ergonomic pistol grip
  • Infinitely adjustable nozzle
  • High stability thanks to inwardly curved, flat base
  • Transparent viewing strip for filling level control

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Product information

The handy Hobby 05 FLEX fine sprayer is equipped with a double-acting precision pump: one pumping movement produces two powerful sprays at the same time. 

It owes its easy handling to the 360° spraying function, which is made possible by a flexible riser pipe. 

Elegant and powerful (sturdy plastic container, continuously adjustable nozzle with brass insert), the 0.5 L hand sprayer is a practical helper for plant care in the household or on the balcony.

Technical details

  • Filling capacity 0,50 L
  • Total capacity 0,60 L
  • Sturdy plastic container
  • Perbunan (NBR) Seals
  • 360° spray function
  • Transparent level indicator strip

Hobby 100

Convenient pressure sprayer with 1.0 L filling capacity

  • Powerful pressure pump
  • 1 L filling capacity
  • Continuously adjustable nozzle with brass insert

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Hobby 125 FLEX

Hand sprayer with 360° spray function

  • 1.25 L filling capacity
  • Swivelling nozzle
  • Max. operating pressure 3 bar

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Hobby 10 FLEX

Fine sprayer with precision pump: 
1 x pumps = 2 x spraying

  • 1.0 L Filling capacity
  • 360° Spray function thanks to flexible riser tube
  • Ergonomic pistol grip

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