MultiJet 230V

Item no. 000330.0000

Multifunctional high pressure cleaner

  • Motor 230 V, power 1500 W
  • Variable pressure regulator
  • Max. Pump capacity 120 bar
  • Draws liquid from any source
  • 4-in-1 multifunction nozzle + shower attachment
  • 75 cm spray lance

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Product information


The MultiJet 230V really puts on the pressure. With a max. pump output of 120 bar, even the most stubborn dirt has to give way around the house. The high-pressure cleaner convinces with numerous features. An adjustable operating pressure and a multi-function nozzle make the device maximally flexible. All accessory options can also be used with the 230 V unit.

The electric high-performance spray system impresses with numerous features. An operating pressure adjustable in three stages (spray, eco, clean) and a 4-in-1 multifunctional nozzle + shower attachment make the high-pressure cleaner maximally flexible. The 4-in-1 multi-function nozzle allows the user to choose whether to work with a flat jet (15°/60°), a turbo tiller or a spot jet, and an additional shower attachment turns the MultiJet 230V into a mobile watering can. Like all other MultiJet units, the electric version draws liquid from any source, whether bucket, pool or fixed water connection.

The attachment for dispensing cleaning foam extends the range of applications of the MultiJet 230V. Simply fill the container with cleaning agent, click on it and the pressure washer will also spray cleaning foam that adheres to the surface and loosens dirt particles.

A nylon brush mechanically assists in cleaning surfaces, a brass lance + nozzle lets the MultiJet apply pesticides to the garden.

The GLORIA UNIVERSAL container holds 10 L and can be conveniently transported and used as a water source.

Technical details

  • Economical electrical operation
  • Integrated battery charge level indicator
  • Dirt filter for suction hose
  • Weight 5,5 kg
  • Variable pressure regulator
  • 4-in-1 Multifunction nozzle
  • Tool-free switch of the modules
  • Suction hose (6 m, 1/2")


  • Brushing
  • Clean
  • Foam
  • Watering
  • Spray

MultiJet 18V

High-performance spraying system with BOSCH rechargeable battery power

  • Compatible with all BOSCH PBA  18V POWER FOR ALL rechargeable batteries
  • Variable pressure regulator
  • Max. pumping capacity 24.9 bar

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MultiJet 18V set incl. 2.5 Ah rechargeable battery

High-performance spraying system with BOSCH rechargeable battery power

  • 4-in-1 multifunction nozzle
  • Variable pressure regulator
  • Max. Pump capacity 24.9 bar

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MultiJet 36V

Battery-powered, high-performance spraying system

  • Integrated 36 V / 4.0 Ah rechargeable battery
  • Variable pressure regulator
  • Max. Pump capacity 70 bar

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MultiJet foam set

Attachment for dispensing cleaning foam

  • 0.45 L Filling capacity
  • Foam nozzle with flat jet
  • Adjustable application rate

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MultiJet UNIVERSAL container

For the mobile transport of liquids

  • Filling capacity 10.0 L
  • For the transporting water, cleaning agents or plant protection products
  • Incl. 1.5 m suction hose (3/8")

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MultiJet brush set

2-in-1: Spray jet + mechanical cleaning

  • 18 cm wide nylon brush
  • Incl. 40 cm extension lance
  • Suitable for all MultiJet units

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MultiJet Plant Protection Set

Attachment for the applying plant protection products

  • 3 brass hollow-cone nozzles with safety valve
  • 0.4 m brass spray lance
  • For the application of plant protection products

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