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MultiBrush speedcontrol

Item no. 000291.0000

Multifunctional electric brush with speed control

  • Stone, wood, joint cleaning, edge trimming, lawn care
  • Motor 230 V, Power 500 W
  • Tool-free switch of the modules
  • Integrated speed control
  • Height-adjustable aluminium tube with double handle
  • Asymmetrical housing for working close to the edge

Product information

Powered by a powerful electric motor (230 V, 500 W), the MultiBrush speedcontrol can be used for treating stone and wood surfaces as well as for cleaning joints, cutting edges and maintaining the lawn. The individual attachments can be changed without tools.

An infinitely variable speed control in the handle area provides extra flexibility during use. For example, wooden surfaces can be powerfully freed from dirt, and with the same device, care oils can be gently worked in.

Lichen or moss that sits deep in the material in the spaces between the patio or on walkways around the house are an annoying mess that needs to be removed. GLORIA provides you with three powerful aids for this so that you can cope with almost any mess. Already included in the scope of delivery of the MultiBrush speedcontrol is the soft stone brush SOFT, with its bristles of different lengths, it gently cleans the surface down to the smallest gap. The stone brush MEDIUM is used to remove surface dirt such as green build up or moss and the steel wire brush PRO is responsible for the rough stuff and takes on stubborn and deep-seated dirt such as lichen.

When used with the steel wire joint brush, which is also included, the MultiBrush removes weeds and moss that sprout in joints of patios and sidewalks. The 15 mm wide wire brush enables thorough and precise work. In addition, GLORIA offers a gentler variant with the nylon joint brush. This has softer bristles and is therefore particularly suitable for scratch-sensitive stone surfaces.

Another accessory available is a nylon brush for cleaning and maintaining wooden surfaces. Thanks to the optimised brush profile, even grooves and gaps are thoroughly cleaned.
The Institute for Wood Technology Dresden (IHD) compared the cleaning of decking boards with the MultiBrush and a standard high-pressure cleaner and came to a clear conclusion: the treatment of a wooden substrate with the GLORIA electric brushes is very even and effective thanks to the brush width and the brush profile. With a high-pressure cleaner, only an uneven cleaning pattern can be achieved due to the often small spray jet. Furthermore, cleaning with the MultiBrush is much gentler on the sometimes highly sensitive wood material, as it is very difficult to dose the cleaning intensity with a high-pressure cleaner.

The 2-in-1 edge trimmer Cut&Brush is a first-class aid for clearing overgrown paths or curbs with protruding grass. The 1 mm thin, slotted stainless steel disc cuts into the soil and at the same time the 50 mm wide nylon brush frees stone edges from overhanging grass roots.

A 165 mm wide scarifying roller is ideal for quickly working on smaller lawns. Eight stainless steel blade discs easily and effectively remove dead plant debris from the lawn that can otherwise prevent the lawn from growing. The lawn then becomes denser and more hard-wearing. In addition, the nutrient uptake of the soil is optimised through working.

The lawn aerator attachment combs through the lawn and removes annoying lawn thatch made of yellowed leaves of grass plants, moss and unwanted wild growth. This has the effect that the lawn is better aerated afterwards and grows even thicker together, as the roots now have more space to supply themselves with water and nutrients.

TIP: Special cleaner + foam sprayer
Apply a GLORIA special cleaner to the surface before using the MultiBrush. The best way to do this is with the FoamMaster FM 10 FLEX foam sprayer. The sprayer transforms the detergent into an effective foam that can be distributed over the entire surface. The foam can act intensively and achieve a very thorough cleaning effect. In addition, the cleaning foam is economical to use and ensures a significantly lower use of resources.

Technical details

  • Economical electrical operation
  • Engine 230 V
  • Power 500 W
  • Weight 3,8 kg
  • Length 135 cm
  • Ergonomically shaped handle
  • Tool-free switch of the modules
  • Aluminium tube adjustable in height
  • Strain relief for cable
  • Guiding wheel and sight line
  • Protection cover
  • TÜV and GS tested


  • Lawn care
  • Stone cleaning
  • Wood cleaning
  • Cleaning joints
  • Edge cutting


Electric weed brush for joints

  • Powerful torque
  • Quick and back-friendly work
  • Economic electric operation

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Green Covering Remover

  • 1 L filling capacity
  • Sufficient for areas with more than 80 m²
  • Concentrate for the removal of green growth and algae

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Stone Special Cleaner

  • 1 L filling capacity
  • Sufficient for areas with more than 250 m²
  • Concentrate for cleaning all stone surfaces

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Stone brush MEDIUM

  • For removing coarse dirt such as moss and green deposits
  • Not suitable for sealed surfaces
  • Suitable for large and smooth surfaces

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Nylon joint brush

  • For scratch-sensitive slabs
  • Width 12 mm
  • Suitable for MultiBrush and WeedBrush

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Lawn aerator

  • Removes lawn thatch and moss
  • 28 robust spring steel tines
  • Diameter 100 mm, width 165 mm

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Brass-coated steel joint brush

  • Suitable for MultiBrush and WeedBrush devices
  • Operating life of more than 3 h on concrete blocks

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Stone brush PRO

  • Steel wire brush for the treatment of stubborn soilings
  • Suitable for MultiBrush and PowerBrush devices
  • Diameter:
    100 mm, Width:
    165 mm

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Edge cutter Cut&Brush

  • Removes overhanging gras from overgrown edges
  • Suitable for all MultiBrush devices
  • 1 mm thin disc made of stainless steel trims blades of gras

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Wood/WPC Special Cleaner

  • 1 L filling capacity
  • Sufficient for areas with more than 50 m²
  • Concentrate for the treatment of wood surfaces and WPC/BPC materials

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