MultiBrush li-on PLUS

Item no. 000299.0000

Multifunctional battery-powered brush

  • With BOSCH battery power

  • Up to 11 different applications

  • Incl. stone and joint brush

  • Integrated speed control

  • Height-adjustable aluminium tube with second handle

  • Asymmetrical design for working close to the edge

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Product information

With the MultiBrush li-on PLUS, it's child's play to get rid of weeds and dirt in the garden and around the house. Compatible with all BOSCH PBA 18V POWER FOR ALL batteries from 1.5 - 6.0 Ah, the multifunctional battery-powered brush offers flexibility and convenience without electric cables.

The battery-powered brush consists of a drive unit to which up to 11 different attachments can be mounted for cleaning stone and wooden surfaces, for cleaning joints, for cutting edges and for lawn care. The attachments can be changed without tools at the push of a button.

The infinitely variable speed control (450 - 1,260 rpm) at the handle offers extra flexibility in use. Stone surfaces or joints can be powerfully freed from dirt, and with the same tool, nourishing oils can be gently applied to a high-quality wooden floor on a patio.

Here is an overview of the 5 areas of application for the MultiBrush li-on PLUS:

With up to 3 different stone brushes, you can remove both light soiling such as green growth and stubborn fungi such as lichen from any stone surface. The SOFT stone brush made of nylon is already included in the delivery scope.

The steel wire joint brush (included) removes weeds and moss sprouting from gaps in patios and walkways. As an alternative, GLORIA offers a nylon joint brush for stone surfaces that are susceptible to scratches.

The UNIVERSAL nylon wood brush is the right choice for cleaning and maintaining wooden terraces. Thanks to an optimised brush profile, grooves and gaps are thoroughly cleaned.

Advantage: Compared to a high-pressure cleaner, the MultiBrush is particularly gentle on the material and can be used with water for cleaning only if desired.

The Cut&Brush lawn edge trimmer frees stone paths and kerbs from protruding grass. The stainless steel disc cuts into the ground, cutting the grass at the same time as the nylon brush cleans the stone surface.

The MultiBrush li-on PLUS also offers the "all-inclusive care package" for the lawn.

The scarifying roller is used in spring and autumn. It cuts down to the grass roots with its blade discs and removes weeds and dead plant residues from the lawn. In addition, moss and lawn thatch can be removed several times a year with the lawn aerator to guarantee an ideal supply of water and nutrients.

Tip: Cutting the grass regularly helps prevent renewed weed growth. With the FineCut lawn and edge trimmer, this task can be carried out precisely and easily.

GLORIA also has a solution for the care of artificial turf. The artificial grass brush made of nylon cleans the grass carpet and straightens out flattened blades of grass.

Technical details

  • Weight 3,4 kg
  • Length 135 cm
  • Ergonomically shaped handle
  • Tool-free switch of the modules
  • Aluminium tube adjustable in height
  • Guiding wheel and sight line
  • Protection cover


  • Lawn care
  • Stone cleaning
  • Wood cleaning
  • Cleaning joints
  • Edge cutting


Electric weed brush for joints

  • Motor 230 V, power 300 W
  • Incl. steel wire joint brush
  • Revolution speed 1,800 rpm

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MultiBrush speedcontrol PLUS

Multifunctional electric brush

  • Motor 230 V, power 500 W

  • Up to 11 different applications

  • Incl. stone and joint brush

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WeedBrush li-on

Battery weed brush for joints

  • With BOSCH battery power
  • Incl. steel wire joint brush
  • Revolution speed 1,800 rpm

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Stone brush SOFT

  • For gentle cleaning and treatment of stone surfaces
  • Diameter 100 mm, width 165 mm
  • Suitable for MultiBrush and PowerBrush devices

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Brass-coated steel joint brush

  • Suitable for MultiBrush and WeedBrush devices
  • Operating life of more than 3 h on concrete blocks

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Scarifying roller

  • Loosens the lawn and removes lawn thatch
  • 8 stainless steel blade discs
  • Diameter 100 mm, width 165 mm

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Artificial grass brush

  • Nylon brush for the care of artificial grass
  • Diameter 100 mm, width 165 mm
  • Spiral design for effective work

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Lawn aerator

  • Removes lawn thatch and moss
  • 28 robust spring steel tines
  • Diameter 100 mm, width 165 mm

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BOSCH quick charger

  • BOSCH quick charger AL 1830 CV
  • Suitable for all BOSCH PBA 14.4 V and BOSCH PBA 18 V POWER FOR ALL batteries
  • Charging time:
    100% = 60 min, 80% = 40 min (with BOSCH PBA 18V / 2.5 Ah battery)

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FineCut attachment

  • Lawn and edge trimmer attachment

  • Perfect addition to the robotic mower

  • Suitable for the MultiBrush PLUS devices

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Nylon joint brush

  • For scratch-sensitive slabs
  • Width 12 mm
  • Suitable for MultiBrush and WeedBrush

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Edge cutter Cut&Brush

  • Removes overhanging gras from overgrown edges
  • Suitable for all MultiBrush devices
  • 1 mm thin disc made of stainless steel trims blades of gras

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Wood brush UNIVERSAL

  • Nylon brush roller for cleaning and maintaining wood surfaces
  • Suitable for MultiBrush and PowerBrush devices
  • Optimized brush profile

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Rechargeable battery BOSCH PBA 18V / 4.0 Ah

  • BOSCH PBA 18V / 4.0 Ah lithium-ion battery
  • POWER FOR ALL (Home and Garden) product line
  • Suitable for FineCut 18V, MultiBrush li-on PLUS, WeedBrush li-on, MultiJet 18V, Pro 1200 li-on and battery compressor

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