With the BrushSystem product line, GLORIA provides you with four cordless and electric brushes in the fight against weeds and dirt. Thanks to the practical, interchangeable attachment, the surface brushes can be used for cleaning stone and wooden surfaces as well as for cleaning joints, cutting edges and for maintaining the lawn.

Variety that inspires you!

With the BrushSystem cordless and electric brushes, GLORIA provides you with four different aids in the fight against weeds and dirt: the WeedBrush as an electric or rechargeable battery-powered version (WeedBrush li-on), as well as the two multifunctional devices MultiBrush speedcontrol PLUS and MultiBrush li-on PLUS with electric or cordless operation, which are compatible with up to 11 different attachments thanks to the integrated change mechanism.

The two MultiBrush devices are therefore real universal tools. In no time at all, they can be converted from a joint brush to a cleaning and maintenance brush for stone and wood surfaces or to an edge trimmer, a lawn aerator, scarifier or lawn trimmer. An integrated speed control provides for extra flexibility. In this way, surfaces can be powerfully cleaned and care oils can be gently applied with the same device.

MultiBrush speedcontrol PLUS - the Multitalent!

Powered by a powerful electric motor, the MultiBrush speedcontrol PLUS effortlessly takes care five applications with one tool. In addition to treating stone and wood surfaces, it can be used to clean joints, cut edges and maintain the lawn. The attachments can be changed without tools and with just the touch of a button.

MultiBrush li-on PLUS - the powerful rechargeable battery-operated brush!

Compatible with all BOSCH 18V POWER FOR ALL rechargeable batteries, the MultiBrush li-on PLUS offers flexibility without the electric cables. A running time of 30 - 50 min (18V/4.0Ah battery) as well as a quick charger guarantee continuous work without long interruptions and make cleaning and maintenance work very comfortable.

WeedBrush & WeedBrush li-on - the weed joint brushes

Thanks to a powerful torque of 1,800 rpms, the WeedBrush devices are the ideal aids for cleaning joints. In no time at all, the otherwise strenuous manual work is done comfortably and is even back-friendly while standing. The weed joint brush is available as a flexible cordless version and, like the MultiBrush li-on, is compatible with all BOSCH 18V POWER FOR ALL rechargeable batteries.

The MultiBrush in action!

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