Hobby exclusiv

Item no. 000262.0000

Maximum comfort and features

  • 5 L filling capacity
  • Telescopic spray lance with swivelling nozzle
  • Indicator pressure gauge
  • Residual drainage thanks to the hose connection at the container bottom
  • Powerful pressure pump
  • Bottom ring for a safe stand

Product information

The hobby exclusiv is a comfortable pressure sprayer for plant protection and plant care with maximum features.

Thanks to the special pressure pump, 5 litres of fill quantity can be distributed at an operating pressure of 3 bar. With the integrated indicator pressure gauge, you can also keep an eye on the operating pressure at all times.

A telescopic spray tube - extendable up to one metre - with a swivelling and adjustable nozzle enables not only the spraying of flowers and bushes but also of smaller trees.

Fitted with a hose connection at the bottom of the container, you can use the entire fill quantity up to the last drop.

Technical details

  • Filling capacity 5,00 L
  • Max. operating pressure 3.0 bar
  • Perbunan (NBR) Seals
  • Brass hollow cone nozzle
  • Plastic pump
  • Bottom ring
  • Safety relief valve
  • Additional filter
  • Total capacity 7,00 L
  • Sturdy plastic container
  • Plastic spray lance
  • Telescopic tube
  • Quick-acting valve
  • Residual drainage
  • Transparent level indicator strip
  • Indicating pressure gauge

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Primex 5

Highly-efficient sprayer with top features

  • 5 L filling capacity
  • Brass extension lance (Length:
    50 cm)
  • Compressor connection

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Flexible tube M11 x 1

  • Suitable for all 3 - 8 L pressure sprayers made of plastic as well as high-performance and piston knapsack sprayers used in the garden

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2 x cup seals

Diameter: 35 mm

  • Suitable for 3 - 8 L pressure sprayers used in the garden

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Cordless electric pump

  • No manual pumping necessary
  • Automatically generates the required operating pressure
  • Suitable for all plastic sprayers

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Spray shield type 280

For accurate spraying of edges

  • Diameter:
    11 cm

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Brass extension lance type 110

Length 1.0 m

  • Length 1.0 m
  • Diameter:
    9 mm
  • Suitable for all GLORIA high-performance, pressure and piston knapsack sprayers

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Brass telescopic extension lance

Max. length 2.0 m

  • Steplessly extractable from 1.0 to 2.0 m
  • Suitable for all high-performance and pressure sprayers with quick-acting valve and for piston knapsack sprayers.

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Plastic telescopic spray lance

Steplessly extractable from 0.58 to 1.0 m

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    Pressure regulator

    Suitable for all 10 L high-performance sprayers and piston knapsack sprayers