2.5 Ah BOSCH rechargeable battery

Item no. 729101.0000

  • 18 V / 2.5 Ah BOSCH lithium-ion battery 
  • POWER FOR ALL (Home and Garden) product line
  • Suitable for MultiBrush li-on (from 2020), WeedBrush li-on and MultiJet 18V

Product information

18 V / 2.5 Ah BOSCH POWER FOR ALL battery, suitable for all GLORIA 18 V battery devices of the BOSCH line (MultiBrush li-on, WeedBrush li-on and MultiJet 18V) as well as for all other BOSCH 18 V Home and Garden devices.

ONE battery for all devices of the POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE!

Weight: 360g; dimensions: 114 mm x 81 mm x 45 mm.

Suitable products

MultiJet 18V

High-performance spraying system with BOSCH rechargeable battery power

  • Compatible with all BOSCH 18V POWER FOR ALL rechargeable batteries
  • Variable pressure regulator
  • Max. pumping capacity 24.9 bar

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BOSCH quick charger

  • BOSCH quick charger AL 1830 CV
  • Suitable for all BOSCH 14.4 V and BOSCH 18 V POWER FOR ALL batteries
  • Charging time:
    100% = 60 min, 80% = 40 min (with 2.5 Ah BOSCH battery)

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