CleanMaster Performance PF 50

Item no. 000622.0000

For the application of detergents & disinfectants

  • 5 L filling capacity
  • Pressure sprayer with seals made of FKM
  • Plastic spray lance with acid-proof flat jet nozzle
  • Hose made of reinforced PVC
  • Sturdy plastic container
  • Incl. 0.5 m extension lance

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Product information

CleanMaster PERFORMANCE PF 50 is equipped with high-grade FKM seals and shows a particularly high resistance to acid cleaning agents with a very low pH value as well as to hydrocarbons (oil, grease, solvent). Moreover, the integrated seals stand out due to their high resistance to chemicals, temperature and deterioration.

Thanks to a max. operating pressure of 3 bar and a capacity of 5 litres, PF 50 shows a uniform spray pattern over a long time and thus provides for ideal working intervals and results. The pressure sprayer that can be carried on the shoulders is characterized by a plastic spray lance with an acid-proof flat jet nozzle as well as a hose made of reinforced PVC, a powerful pressure pump as well as a bottom ring for a safe stand.

Corona tip:
The sprayer is ideal for applying cleaning agents and disinfectants. Read more about agent compatibility in the data sheet.

Technical details

  • Filling capacity 5,00 L
  • Total capacity 7,00 L
  • Max. operating pressure 3.0 bar
  • Sturdy plastic container
  • FKM Seals
  • Oil-proof version
  • Plastic spray lance
  • Plastic flat jet nozzle
  • Plastic pump
  • Quick-acting valve
  • Bottom ring
  • Safety relief valve
  • Transparent level indicator strip
  • Incl. extension tube

CleanMaster CM 50

For applying acidic and alkaline cleaning agents

  • 5 L filling capacity
  • Pressure sprayer with seals made of EPDM
  • Plastic spray lance with acid-proof flat jet nozzle

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Universal foam nozzle

  • For applying cleansing foam
  • For Hobby 125 FLEX and all pressure sprayers of the CleanMaster- and Profiline-series.

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