FoamMaster FM 50

Item no. 000660.0000

Powerful pressure sprayer for applying cleaning foam

  • 5 L filling capacity
  • Seals made of Viton
  • Incl. 3 foam cartridges for a variable degree of foaming
  • Variable degree of foaming
  • Pressure reducer with manometer
  • Flat jet nozzle with 110° spray angle

Product information

10 l pressure sprayer GLORIA FoamMaster FM 50 is equipped with resistant Viton seals as well as an integrated flat jet nozzle with a spray angle of 110° and transforms cleaning agents into effective cleaning foam that can intensely take effect on the surface to be treated and achieve in-depth cleaning results. Moreover, cleaning foam is economical in use, and considerably less agent is needed.

FM 50 impresses with a 2.5 m spiral hose as well as a quick-action valve with integrated pressure gauge and is thus effective and comfortable when cleaning cars and machines as well as sanitary facilities, pools and large-scale catering establishments.

Different degrees of foaming are necessary for different applications. Therefore, the mode of action of FM 50 can be changed without much effort by fitting different nozzles. The specially designed flat jet nozzle moreover provides for an even output of the medium.

A powerful pressure pump, a sturdy plastic tank as well as a bottom ring for a safe stand always guarantee comfortable working.

Technical details

  • Filling capacity 5,00 L
  • Max. operating pressure 3.0 bar
  • Viton (FKM) Seals
  • Plastic spray lance
  • Plastic pump
  • Spiral tube
  • Safety relief valve
  • Foam sprayer
  • Compressor connection
  • Total capacity 12,20 L
  • Sturdy plastic container
  • Oil-proof version
  • Plastic flat jet nozzle
  • Quick-acting valve
  • Bottom ring
  • Transparent level indicator strip
  • Indicating pressure gauge

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Universal foam nozzle

For applying cleansing foam

  • Suitable for all pressure pressure sprayers

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Set of seals (FM50)

  • Suitable for FoamMaster FM 50

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Foaming nozzle

For applying cleansing foam

  • Suitable for FoamMaster FM 50

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Foam cartridge set

To set the correct degree of foaming

  • Suitable for FoamMaster pressure sprayers
  • Set with 3 foam cartridges

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TOP FOAM car shampoo

Special shampoo for vehicle cleaning

  • Extra high degree of foaming
  • pH-neutral
  • Pleasant citrus scent

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Spray lance

Length 35 cm

  • Suitable for all FoamMaster pressure sprayers
  • Incl. joint piece and hollow cone nozzle

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Special activated carbon

Cleaning agent for sprayers

  • Content:
    200 g