Special cleaning agents

Remove moss or green covering with the GLORIA special cleaning agents for a wide variety of surfaces.

Specialists in action!

GLORIA provides you with three practical special cleaning agents to remove dirt and annoying uncontrolled weed growth on the terrace or balcony. The cleaning agents can be applied with a pressure sprayer or foam sprayer and have a powerful and long-lasting effect.

A special stone cleaner is suitable for the treatment of all stone surfaces around the house, a wood/wpc special cleaner lets your wooden terrace shine in new brilliance and the effective green covering remover removes easily disturbing green covering and algae.

The cleaning agents are best applied to the surface with a foam sprayer such as the FoamMaster FM 10 Flex. The foam can be optimally distributed on the surface to be treated and can have an intensive effect. The result is convincing: better cleaning results as well as cost savings due to a significantly lower use of resources.

The surface can then be powerfully cleaned with a GLORIA MultiBrush or PowerBrush and the wood or stone surface shines in new splendour.


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