Mechanical weed removal

Clean surfaces and remove weeds with GLORIA battery and electric brushes.

Four experts for disturbing uncontrolled weed growth

With the BrushSystem product range, GLORIA offers you four surface and joint brushes with numerous equipment options for removing annoying weeds: the WeedBrush joint brush, the PowerBrush speedcontrol for stone and wood treatment and the two multifunctional MultiBrush speedcontrol and MultiBrush li-on devices with an electric or battery operation.

The two MultiBrush devices are true multi-talents. Within a short time they can be converted from a joint brush to a surface brush for stone and wood cleaning or to an edge cutter.

An adjustable speed control provides additional flexibility. This means that a stone surface can be powerfully cleaned of dirt as well as oils that care for a surface can be gently worked into a wooden floor using the same tool.

Thanks to a 180° rotatable brush head, the PowerBrush speedcontrol adapts to the most varied cleaning conditions. By turning the brush style, the running direction of the brush is also reversed, making the PowerBrush, including the speed control, a flexible cleaning professional.


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Weed removal

Natural weed control without chemicals

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Cleaning and care of stone surfaces

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Cleaning wood surfaces

Cleaning and care of wood surfaces

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