Thermoflamm bio Professional E+ Turbo

Item no. 000274.0000

Weed removal at the push of a button

  • Flame temperature > 1,200 °C

  • Convenient operation/ignition at the push of a button on the handle

  • For connection to a compressed gas cylinder

  • Chrome-plated and corrosion-resistant device

  • Incl. 5 m hose + pressure reducer

  • Greater flame thanks a turbo nozzle (F60 mm) at the same gas consumption

Product information

The Thermoflamm bio Professional E+ Turbo is developed for connection to an external pressurised gas cylinder and is ideally suited for weed control in large areas.

The complete device, including ignition and gas regulation, can be conveniently operated at the handle. Bending down and manual ignition with a lighter is not necessary. This technology, tried and tested in the barbecue sector, proves to be even more durable than previous piezo ignitions. A simple AAA mignon cell is sufficient for many thousands of ignitions.

Thanks to the new turbo nozzle with an optimized swirl of air, the flame rod reaches a temperature of more than 1,200 °C. You can quickly and effectively get rid of weeds between paving slabs, on driveways or at the edges of stones, without any increase in gas consumption.

A 5-metre hose line and the matching pressure reducer are included.

Technical details

  • For connection to a pressurised gas cylinder
  • DIN DVGW Cert
  • Weight 2,0 kg
  • Length 93 cm
  • Ignition mechanism in the grip area

Thermoflamm bio Professional PLUS

The power pack for weed control

  • Flame temperature up to 1.000° C
  • For large areas
  • For connecting to a pressurised gas cylinder

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